Monday, 15 October 2007

Egotist, egotist.....

Get that girl a hat stand!
A sure sign that the clocks are going back is the start of the perfume ad season. We can look forward to weeks of random aesthetic choices made by the international petrochemical companies (sorry fashion houses) as the impossibly gorgeous, have mock fights, swan around on beaches, and morph into piano keys, pretend to play the sax, dive into pools which turn into wine glasses you know all the “aspirational” nonsense used to sell bottles of scent. They all finish off with an asthmatic continental whispering "pour l'homme pas Christian Dior" seemingly with a mouth full of crisps.

A particular favourite is the new Chanel one where for some reason Ikea Twice Knightly after a busy day as the Bradford & Bingley girl climbs down of a giant clock and tries to look sultry in the hall mirrors last seen in enter the dragon.

It’s marginally better than Nicole Kidman’s weird “I love to dance” but have lost the ability to act film from last year.


ally. said...

i thought it was portman from here which would've been much nicer all round.
i don't think i'd like to smell like knightly.

BLTP said...

I'm sure Ms portman smells divine in fact she's so small you could carry her around like compact and just dab her on you wrist when you needed "topping up"