Monday, 29 October 2007

Sexy Chopper

Things you see on the way to work: pt 1

A real life episode of spooks, a scary blacked out chopper landed and took off a couple of times on this building near work and there was no mention of it on the news…..

Ps: didn’t see the lovely Hermione in PrĂȘt either.

Things you see on your way home: part 2

Amazingly they have a website (sorry that’s a bit patronising) and looking at the latest issue it doesn’t look too bad what with pieces on Pugin, Fiona Bruce, cooking damsons and a trip to Warsaw, my kind of Ladies!

*get’s up and quickly tries to find something cool to do but feels a bit dizzy getting up too quickly so sits down and fills in asubscription to The Lad….*

Things you see on the way to get a pint of milk Pt 12: the best pop art porridge box ever.

Plus. it’s also treatise on British colonialism in a handy cupboard size package.


Planet Mondo said...

The building on the right (looks like a giant radiator)I can see stage left out of the office window - missed all the espionage action though.

Love that 'Oats' box -Norman Rockwell must have retired to Jamaica. It's like the boxes Tunnock's Caramels are shelved in.

These places sometimes sell packets of 'cock soup' too.

BLTP said...

I'm afraid being a child I do find "cock soup" amusing especially the "thick" variety tee he

Rob said...

I love that post-it note.
Glad the CDs arrived - I hope they weren't too rubbish...