Saturday, 13 October 2007

Over 19 consecutive games without Motty saying anything interesting

England 3 – Estonia 0

Can we have a new main commentator for the BBC's football coverage, John Motson today was rubbish, I know jingoism isn’t always great but his 3 minutes litany of England’s past failures before the game was just nonsense, this is the BBC not Estonia 1. Then he trotted out his usual tedious facts and figures. The ITV Rugby commentary team have been a lot better.

Also Motty and Lawrence seemed to be referring to tragic Coronation street star Lynne Perrie all the time, turns out the Estonian player in question is Joel Lindpere doh! No relation to Den Perry I don’t suppose!!

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ally. said...

motsons annoying but he's got nothing on moaning minnie alan 'rubbish' green on 5 live. i like listening to football more and more. it'smuch more like being there somehow cos you don't really pay attention half the time. and green is like the git a few rows down who never has a good word to say and you want to smack.
top choices of listed songs by the way - i want to get 10 or so suggestions up then we'll make a compilation