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Grave yard of the razors

Grave yard of the razors
Originally uploaded by BLTP Photo
what to do with the Graveyard of the razors?

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Neville Duke " Test Pilot"

rear of cardNeville Duke's Test Pilotjavlin take off (2)undercarriagef rotodyneadeg
a vulcan ce lightningb bristoljavlin lighteningd fairey deltaneville duke
all planesBristol Brittaniacompasscomet cag vulcan gloste Javelinad lightening
bc duobcf triobBristol Brittannia Fairy Rotodyne duodf fairy delta2e lightningg Gloster javelin

Neville Duke " Test Pilot", a set on Flickr.

It's the perfect game for a snowy winters after noon