Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Park life: Boney’s tuna on brown and the shoeless Eusebios

The park's incredibly dry at moment, the main “lawn” is burnt brown to the colour of sand and has number of patches of bare earth. On it 2 tiny black lads are playing football with a knackered casey, they are bare foot. The sparseness of the grass and their evident joyfulness makes it almost like a scene from a cloyingly aspirational fifa endorsing credit card ad. Thankful they are just playing footy in the sun.

Around me on the new benches a quirk of fate means everyone (5 others) but me has a medical crutch for some leg problem or other, it feels like I’m eating my tuna sandwich during Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow.

Even in this mini drought the council are thankfully maintaining the new planting and a kindly looking middle-aged bloke in shorts is watering the ornamental grasses and shrubs. The bare foot footballers run up to him ostensibly to collect their errant ball but also to run through his hosepipe jet. He jokingly rebukes them and then pretends to accidental splash their feet. They squeal with delight, thankful for his schedule their dad soon comes over to pull them away as that’s the sort of game to which there’s no end.

My sandwich is almost gone, it’s not bright sun but still hot enough, I’m regretting my black trousers and also getting the last bench, the one without any shade. But it’s not unpleasant for a while and my books distracting me. While I munch one of the regular pigeon ladies wanders past and a little way off starts throwing out huge handfuls of bread and cooked rice. Her mottled grey flock is almost immediately dispersed however by another young lad this time on a bike; her rebukes are sapped of their usual anger by the heat.

The walking wounded have now been joined by a guy with impressively huge head bandage, fearing I too might  fall victim to some of the Tsars’ grape shot as I beat my own retreat.

Have you got your summer special yet?

Everyone seems to be off on their hols. Fill your retro boots with this bumper Look in compilation.
Yes I do want an ABBA pull out poster and some action transfers !

Here comes the summer By the Undertones (Peel sessions)

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Solipsism 101

Solipsism 101
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Please forgive me a few moments of me time those lovely types at the Londonist have chosen my pictures for their "behind the lens" feature. I v. honoured .
here's the link to the feature

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Lost in the streets

Wes Brown
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Found another street card the other day. Part of the detritus of the world cup .
Loved the story on the radio this morning that having waited until after they assumed a glorious world cup to re-new their sponsorship deals the FA is having problems finding any mugs wanting to chip in to top up the trough to feed the bloated mediocre football set up in this country.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Well returned in the early hours yeatserday (thanks A) for the lift! Had wonderrful time largely down to tip top friends and good weather. The music etc was good obv. Loved  The National and Mr Hawley even though he was full of cold, and loads of other treats including Jonsi.

Lovely also to finaly catch "first aid kit" playing in one fo thewoodland venues wonderfully pure beautiful signing with a lot of humour and warmth.

oh and managed to drop a stone on the "Master" foot when jungling and he didn't send me into a time vortex or anything.

more pics here.

Monday, 19 July 2010

I am Peter Saville!!

Nice Monday bonus the Lauren Laverne show used one of my pics for their weekly mp3 download package. Which cheered me up no end . Won't quibble too much about the typography! Am thinking of a special version made for silver the manufactoring costs of which will cripple the BBC and will be delivered 3 months late in true Factory style.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Getting it together in the Country

Off to Latitude courtesty of my lovely chums, am really looking forward to it, hope to see Richard hawley, The National , school of seven bells amongst loads of other acts. really looking forward to seeing Tom Jones tonight!!
Anway have a good st swithins day Take Care, Take Courage, Take Hart!!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Oh just shut up!

The Daily Express has found a new way of  being vile with a  headline today about how we'll be awash with "Ethnics" any day now. Which as well as geing vile is nonsensical as we all know. It reminds me of my late granny who in a her declining years remarked to my dad that she had a"native doctor now". My Dad to tease he replied "oh you mean he's from Hull!" which bemused Gran as she clearly meant he was from India or similar. My Gran was a product her of time and maybe could be excused having not thought through her views (even though her husband was at least half german) national newspapers however that print such vile nonsense should be shamed to their graves

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Ikea covers slight return:

No promises
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The lp lifestyle mashups are proving popular on Flickr which is pleasing. This one of the fragrant Ms Bruni (from her not too bad lp of English poetry covers) proved popular mainly because she's famously easy on the eye but also rather pleasingly someone (in Brazil I do love the interweb) has "favourited" it in the middle of a number of other pictures, all of tasteful interiors and design ideas thus proving one of my ideas for doing them all in the first place. Anyway I'm off to drink beer and burn food in various gardens stay cool, stay safe, stay pres.....

Friday, 9 July 2010

Gin & lemon granita

Gin & lemon granita
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It's too hot so I made some frozen gin and tonic

Gin & Lemon Granita
Serves 4(ish)
What you need
Finely grated zest of 1 lemon
Juice of 1 ½ lemons
Pint of warm water
5-7 tables spoons of sugar
Large slug of gin (I used Hendricks)
To serve: Lemon or mint optional

What to do
1. Dissolve the sugar in water
2. Add the rest of ingredients
3. Taste and add more gin or sugar as appropriate
4. Freeze
5. Break up lumps of ice as they form repeat every 40-60 mins
6. Should form rubblely ice crystals
7. Takes 2-4 hours to freeze

Modern Spies are rubbish!

We can't even do agent exchanges properly! The protocol is : Midnight, mid winter , a frozen river, a sealed off bridge, a lada and a battered Merc pull up,unshaven men in bad clothes, breath hanging in the cold air, the flash of headlamps, a tentative walk, guards with twitchy trigger fingers and a last minute double cross. NOT a easy jet boarding pass, a bad meal and a deal with "Closer" magazine!

The spy who came in from the cold mp3

Monday, 5 July 2010

IKEA POP: summer sale

During the longueurs in some of the world cup matches and the tennis and having hit a nice seam of inspiration here's a few more Ikea record sleeve mash ups I knocked up. Check out the wonderful retro Agneta one surely the well spring of it all you can even hear the lp on spotify!
working on a retro one. too
oh and this my 1111 post numerology fans!!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Hello space girl!

Always loved Philp Bonds work ever since Wired World etc just found this wonderful set of Female Cosmonauts!!!