Monday, 10 December 2007

You cheap lousy maggot...

Advent Calendar Day 8/9

The Christmas Number 1

I’m not going to spend too long on the best Christmas pop song it’s been much discussed and everyone knows its “Fairy tale of New York” by the Pogues and Kirsty MaColl followed by “Merry Christmas everyone” by Slade and then Phil Spector......

What is interesting is the fact that barring the re-release of Band Aid there’s not been Christmassy number one since East 17 “Stay another day” back in the 1990’s.(go over to those charming types at Landcroft house for a striking cover version by the Maps).

There are many reasons for this.

The most depressing one is that everyone so bloody cool these days,that even the miming pop idol gimps don’t want to be seen in scarf and a bit of fake snow.

“So, oi, Lion face or whatever your names is, if it was good enough for John cocking Lennon stop your sub Mariah mewling and get with the tinsel and carol singers.”

The final of X factor being in December with its associated dreadful single is another knife in xmassy songs back.
Another aspect is that as we get richer the customary single from your sister is sadly less aspirational. For a long time a single or maybe two was a perfectly acceptable present, a good example is the Power of Love by the Frankies which came in a promotional envelope,

(a slight aside I was sitting in a chapel in Venice marvelling at the Titians and thought that the altar piece was familiar, it took me a while to realise it was the original of the FGTH cover doh!)

The funniest thing about Christmas songs is that even though pop singers don’t do them anymore (well not the sort promoted by the media, I imagine Daniel O’Donnell still makes Christmas albums) the more leftfield artists have taken up the challenge.

A year doesn’t go by without some American indie artist’s version of jingle bells.
Perhaps the most perfect examples of his is this Low’s Christmas song, there’s also a good xfm collection as well. Last year I got Sufjan Stevens LP and have just started to get into it.

One of the shortest and best is from the much maligned Bare Naked ladies from there "Holidays" record of 2004 (?) it's treat from all CSN&Y fans!

Top Pop Facts:
Shane Macgowan was born on Christmas Day

A List Christmas number 2's anyone!


Planet Mondo said...

What a great posting - I need to read it front of a crackling log fire.

It gets me fizzing that every pop star tries to be too cool for Christmas. Aren't Pop, Rock and Christmas all about fun? If Punk bands could do Christmas - The Damned, XTC, The Greedies why do todays Pop pretenders think they're above a tinsel tear up.

I'm never clearabout East 17 though, is it really a Christmas song ? There's no seasonal lyrics in it and only seems to have become one by default because they wore white ski gear in the video

Totally agree about Ross, he was floundering on Friday - each week becomes more laboured, and his interview with Jimmy Carr was horrible, spifteful and bully boy nonsense.

BLTP said...

We could do a test add sleigh bells to enter the Sandman by Metallica and see if.....