Saturday, 8 December 2007

Toys,gloves,chips and squirrels

Things you see when you are out and about

London Plane Tree with baubles

Toys 'R' us

I feel trapped

I'm saying nothing except where are my royalties!

Obesity time bomb: fuel for the fire.
2 jars of Branston?

I was on the bus to Greenwich, it was cramped and crowded, the windows were fogged up. A teenage girl got on and proceed to eat a sickly smelling box of "Kentucky" and Chips, her meal was smothered in ketchup.

Nothing new here except she was wearing woolly gloves!
It was the most joyless, bleak meal I've seen in while.

To cheer myself up I stayed on the bus to Greenwich park and it did the trick. Yes its great in the summer and especially in spring, but a cold rainy day with charcoal black wet trees and just few other melancholics for company, the park was just fine. Two Goths were feeding the squirrels, thankfully it wasn't Morpheus and his sister. After a turn round the market, a trip to the butchers for me tea, a pint of IPA, a chat with a jolly "north" country lass the day picked up.


Anonymous said...

That Talking Big Chris is hilarious. I think we need suggestions on here for things he might say when you pull his chord (as it were). I'll go for: "Henry the cocking fifth? - he was just a football hooligan" (But with worse punctuation than that obviously)
Mr. G.

BLTP said...

punctuation you say what about spelling.
chord :sequence of musical notes
cord : rope
tee hee, I fear the batteries would run out before "talking Big Chris" finished his sentence!
How about a cuddly girafe that sings two little boys but needs to pass water all the time. ;)

Anonymous said...

I should have known better than to try and out-pedant BLTP!
That giraffe thing would just be bloody annoying.
Mr G.