Saturday, 1 December 2007

what's behind the square window?

It’s not a new idea it’s upwards of 2000 years old but I thought I’d have a go at an advent calendar of posts. I have a few yule related pictures to share, some tunes and some bits and bobs. It probably won’t be everyday as I don’t want to turn into Martha Stewart ans anyway it’ll be true to life as you often forget your calendar for a few days and have to open several windows at once.

What about Noel St? Christmassy place in London.

A few years ago I took these pics for a Christmas Card. The first is a bit obvious but you know.

On the subject of calendars: is this most niche shop ever? Does it sell this most niche of calendars?


Clair said...

'Women in Waders' - wow! All I want is one of them ferret calendars for Christmas.

Planet Mondo said...
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Planet Mondo said...

Have you ever seen an all year Christmas shop? There's one in Broadway in the Cotswolds and one in Brugge, but there's bound to be others

BLTP said...

Clair: proof that no quirk goes uncatered for.
Mr Mondo: There's one at London Bridge , hayes Galleria I think