Wednesday, 12 December 2007

I can see clearly now......

w h y t

j u d h

s j l o

k J p u

I went for an eye test for some new glasses today, it was the usual arcane ritual of glass lollypops, strange letter sequences, weird red and green lights, kindly strangers looming out of the dark close up into your face and at the end you come out it feeling a bit giddy and blinking in the sunlight, so a typical night out then (bum dum tish, I’m here all week, folks tell ya friends….).

Having sold a kidney to pay for my gebs and fended off the sales men who wanted me to buy a pair like Goks! I was reading their sales posters, they have scheme to sell you contact lenses, the usual way of siphoning off more cash from you. As part of the deal you get regular lenses, solutions, eye test but most puzzling of all a contact lens based magazine! No me neither, I have no idea what's in it apart from really good pictures and small writing (to test out your newly perfect eyes). It reminded of this article by Charlie Brooker about his coffee machine corporate mag.

Celebrity gebs wearer of the year?

What’s the most arcane, niche magazine you’ve come across (that last sentence aside let’s keep it clean L & G) ?

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