Wednesday, 19 December 2007


Stop this nonsense right now!

There's a worrying story in the paper to today. Basically Ofcom are proposing to slice off money from the BEEB to "promote public service broadcasting to mainly " the young" " not fully sure what this means, I think I have to pay for some dreadful "yoof" soap opera to be emailed to hoodies phones.

My confidence isn't boosted by the pictures at the bottom of the article, under the title "related Articles " are pictures of X factor applicants!

"I'm planning DVD boxset orgy...."

So basically as well as paying more for tins of beans so they can subsidize ITV, I am now going to be paying for it direct via tax.
I think the big problem here isn't new platforms, the BEEB coped with the introduction of TV ok, it's the meddlesone attitude of so called "watchdogs" . Because the BBC is unique in the world in it's quality and funding, they see this as an anomaly. Not that the rest of the world is just plain wrong but that we should move towards what they have.

Yes everyone raves about HBO DVD boxset shows like "the Wire" but the rest of 23.15 hours of daily Amercian telly is largely crap. French telly is bizzare, Spanish Tv like Spain is just plain mad, with bull fighting and porn on at teatime (siesta time probably) and last time I was in Italy they had the Pope on 2 channels and an construction industry convention on another.

Faggotgate vs Keelie's stubble.

Sure the BEEB's daft for censuring the Pogues, but Captial would never have given them a Peel session when they were first starting out. It's the BBC that's continuing ITV's tradition of talking sensibly at about TV with Charlie Brooker following on from Clive James. So instead of nicking money off me, so Ant and Dec can texted pictutes of z list celebs bikini lines to teenagers , why not keep it at Broadcasting house and get some bright creative grown ups to think about the future and invent things we've not even considered yet. The "yoof" will be doing their bit from their end too; as longs as we still have dull bits to Britain, teenage bedrooms will producing enough content for years to come, giving loads of my cash to Nathans in Hoxton isn't the solution.

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