Thursday, 24 May 2007

Whitsun Luckybag

Snappy crackly pop: Songs of the Week
from the volume of downloads from my file site it would seem you all prefer your pop scratchy, crackly with a dose of fizz, well the following should be just the thing.

First up Adult Net: Waking up in the Sun. The ‘net were a vehicle for the former Mrs Mark E Smith, Brix Smith. It’s as the title suggests a sunny beam of joyful Maytime pop, enjoy.
Brix, having added some glamour to The Fall, she and her present partner are sprinkling some more over the Eastend, from their clothes shop.
On the subject of the mighty Fall here’s a list of the members over the years some of whom usually the glamorous female ones have been married to Mr M. E. Smith.

Next up to celebrate their maker’s u turn on veggie whey powder.
The Undertones: Mars Bar. It’s simply brilliant it was the b side of “Jimmy Jimmy” seen here in all its coloured vinyl glory.

Deptford Flower Show.

Look how well my seeds are doing radishes, tommys and Basil. If you want some unusual seeds and want to sock it to those dastardly eurocrats go here for free exotic seeds (sort of)

As seen on TV.
Britain’s leading beer writer Pete Brown and all round top bloke has new a version of last book "three sheets to the wind ",out soon (subtitle "what we did last summer"). He’s also a rising star of the small screen he's on the Culture Show. If half the footage from the shoot makes the tv it should be good stuff. 7.15pm BBC2 Sat.

Golden Square Plus sunshine = mini lunchtime rock festival.

Fire update:
Usually no flames, singeing, scorching, smoke or sparks in 24 hours isn’t news but having survived this long I may have escaped Vulcan’s curse, hang on what’s that smell…..

The only fire service we really trust!


Anonymous said...

Mars Bar from the undertones got me bouncing on my office chair - adding a rythmic creak to the crackle.
I missed Pete on the telly. Turned on at 7:30... was he ever there? Or is this just part of a big ruse like the fact he's never around when i come to London? Does he even exist?
Big G.

BLTP said...

Glad you liked it I like the bit where fergal sings "d'ers likes their mars" instead "do they like their mars" a classic. Pete wasn't on last nighr it's on in a few weeks bad info I'm afraid. I'll keep you posted. I'm not sure sometimes that he does exist had not seen him in ages until last week.