Monday, 28 May 2007

Look there's one

Anthony Gormley:
Went with R and E to Hayward to see Blind Light, the new Anthony Gormley expo. It’s really special, it’s difficult say which part is best, Event horizon a collection of 31 standing casts of AG spread around the skyline within a mile of the Hayward. Its fascinating piece with these startling figures staring down at you, some hidden some right on the pavement on Waterloo Bridge. We spotted 30 of them!

People have commented that they are like the angels in wings of desire. To me they are very like superheroes poised vigilant on the sky line. After a while you start to see them all over, even where they aren’t !

Inside there are more body casts hanging from the walls and also more of the web computer generated body forms similar to that at the
dome “quantum cloud”. These grew on me, they are a bit tricksy but they bear close viewing.
The are two non AG
body cast pieces a large wielded form called “space invader” in the main room as you enter, which is striking. It’s the size of 2-3 caravans and seems to be falling it’s made of tens of welded bo
xes of differing sizes and looks like a 3d digital video game character 27 tonnes in weight.
The other piece is “allotment” tens of cast concrete boxy figures based on the dimension of the people of a Swedish village. These figures fill a room like vast cityscape, they are all different sizes from child to adult. Moving around the space is quite strange, the blocks have characters of the own, the room is very enchanting and stran
gely witty and humane.
Perhaps the be st piece is “Bli nd Light” a 20 square metre glass box filled with dense mist. 20 or so people at a time enter. Immediately you
can’t see it’s like pitch black but pitch light if you
see what I mean. You can’t see a foot in front of you, people loom very suddenly out of the mist, the walls are invisible until you bump into them.
It is a wonderful piece.

Gormley has been said before has a wonderful
gift of mixing the every day with the sublime. He obviously puts great thought into the work and yet you can take them at one level as playful and even jokey they do however make you think and some are even quite

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