Monday, 14 May 2007

That's almost 10 bob a crisp?

Article in't paper t'day, abart cresps from't up tarn. Not sure oft tone of yon article, I think maybes he wants ta keep uz int past. That being sed I've 'ad summa these cresps and they's reet tasty, a bit pricey mind. Especially coinsiderin' how uz Tykes ar suppose ta be tight and that. Any 'ow the're not a patch on Seabrooks now that's a cresp.
PS. He et yon fancy cresp in that there Catalonia ('ark at 'im), I'm not suprised, I've never tak'n wid ya foreign cresp, they're just not reet. Paprika flavour just doesn't bode well and they allus taste abit stale an all.

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