Friday, 18 May 2007

The last corner of a your Lucky bag with a few grains of sherbet, a mojo and the tattoos from your germalene bubbly!

breaking good news for a Friday

This is the way, step in side, seats J9-10

Live from Cannes

New Order in 2 good films not a shocker...
Anton Corbin’s new film on the life of Ian Curtis looks good.
The fact that New Order/Joy Division appear in better films that the rest of music industry put together (apart from Slade In flame and that’ll be the day) shouldn’t be a shock, as they are the best band in the world ever.
24 Hour Party People is fantastic and the new film looks good too.
Have New Order broken up? Well considering how long it takes for them to make an album who’d know? Never say never.
update abit later on friday: the picture above wasn't taken In Cannes! I bet Pernod Ricard are pleased Barney's landed in south France there won't a drop left of the dangerous green stuff by tonight.

The Ace Face
Just seen a proper Mod on Carnaby st he was the spit of Stevie Marriot from the faces (which I assume was the point) he even had that hollow checked amphetamine and self abuse street Urchin look about him. Stevie is at the far right as if you didn't know!

So Tanned and Lovely!
Also saw Graham Norton looking tanned and healthy holding a little boutique bag. (What did I say about stars and stereotypes?) a bit ginge in real life too.

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