Monday, 21 May 2007

An unending chain of coincidental combustion

May be, I am cursed or maybe Vulcan is moving his fire balls on to someone else. The Cutty Sark fire is a big shame. Let's hope the damage is superficial, and that it doesn't end up like HMS Victory almost completely replaced with nothing original left.
I was however a little taken aback with the hyperbole about it's importance, I think the BBC et al where going over the top a bit, is it really more important than Sutton Hoo ship, the Marie Rose, SS Great Britain, HMS Belfast, the vikings ships at Bygd√ły , USS Constellation, Queen Mary. It's a great landmark and looks good down in Greenwich but let's not get carried away, particularly when Deptford, the Isle of Dogs or Bermondsey where really more Maritime in their hey day (if not as Royal) as Greewwich.
The name Cutty sark comes from an old avenging witch if memory serves.
Ps if Greenwich council were really concerned for Maritime greenwich why do they let all the new horrible housing get built on the fringe of the town centre, or let the pie shop close or possibly allow the market to get turned into fancy flats or for allowing Youngs brewery to close so I have to drink in the union....

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