Saturday, 26 May 2007

Whitsat update Pt 1

Is Small beautiful?

Looking at my previous post I just wanted to say how pretty the adult net single cover is, people always bang on about cd sleeves being too small for good design, but 7 inch sleeves aren't much bigger and they look fine.

Also we all have postcards on our fridges which are often very striking and they are similar in scale to cd's. So why don't cd's stand out more. It could be the behind the glass effect of the case dulling the image, plus the clunkiness of the box. card sleeves always feel more appealing. This being said Francis Bacon's pictures are behind glass and they aren't dimmed any. Also why today aren't dvd boxes smaller (I know all about video racks etc thank you) but cd cases shrank? Good design does still exist in pop, my eye was caught by these posters this week.

I may scan in some classic sleeves for you to continue this.

Neologism of the week
Seen on a pub menu "chicken drumlettes" now I know what a drumstick is I'm not sure I want know what goes into a"drumlette".

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