Monday, 28 May 2007

and there's one over there too

I wanted to return to the Anthony Gormley show, I have a problem with writing about art as I am aware of slipping into “transplendant cathedrals of form” gushing nonsense. Suffice to say I found the show really good with a range of work that’s worth seeing especially "event horizon, allotment and blind light".

Someone clever is working in Hayward shop so we are proud to bring you obscure objects of desire part1.
Say goodbye to the lack of conceptual art on your desk at work misery with “The Anthony Gormley Mist* Globe”

(* couldn’t be bothered to re-edit the title of my film), also with this handy wipeable film you can take the art you like anywhere. Please note contents may settle during transport, statue may contain a small part.

Things we thought to do to add even more fun to the whole thing.

1.Take a scream mask into the mist chamber.

2.Do a quick change and come out of the mist wearing only a towel, with a rolled up paper under your arm, pipe in mouth like a 50’s Dad at campsite toilet block.
3.Put a slim voice recorder inside one of the allotment castings, you know the thing “erm Mr Gormley can I come out now, erm hello it’s dark in here…”

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