Friday, 4 May 2007

Bank holiday Lucky Bag

Song of the week

Rosie Thomas and Sufjan Stevens: the one I love
Some new music this week, well a new cover of an oldish song it’s by Rosie Thomas and Sufjan Stevens of “Illinoise” fame. It’s a nice cover of the REM anthem. I was wary of Sufjan initially as he smacked of enforced wackiness, which can get very tiring very quickly but his Xmas album was good, so I’m coming round. I do fear he will be this year’s Baby Bird i.e. produces lots of off beat songs in a short space of time and then disappears.
It’s from an Uncut cd of “Americana” which is the marketing term coined because certain hipsters can’t admit they like country music.

computer music made by people who own New order and kraftwerk records
Emo: the music your kohl eyed niece likes that “you just don’t understand”
Lo-fi: music made in bedrooms by people who like Pavement
New wave: it would seem any music made by people with guitars in straight trousers and ties since 1979 to present.

Things I learnt from the BBC

From the "antiques road show": Ronnie Corbett, told a good story about how at Ronnie Barkers Memorial service the Cannon of Westminster Abbey organised for the usual procession of 2 vergers carrying two candles to be doubled to four candles!

Also on Radio 2 there was a doc about Mozzer. In it Alan Bennet talked about how Moz use to pop round his place in Camden for tea. Apart from them both only finding Jimmy Clitheroe to talk about, Bennet always found it hard to call Morrissey by his first and only name. In fact he avoided using his name at all. This is strange on 2 counts , firstly because Alan Bennet is always going on about being an outsider and yet his books are full of the famous people he’s met, I think he doth protest too much. Also it’s lucky for him he’s not the sort of Gay man to hang around with Kylie, Lulu, Liza,….

I close my eyes.
Best dream this week is the one where I became for some reason poet in residence at pizza express. Rhymes for pineapple and capricosa please

Bad Tan/tie/teeth/tash of the week
Saw Tim Wonnacott from BBC’s “Bargain Hunt” in “Pret” this week, I felt vaguely queasy, He is the poor man’s Lesley Philips. Like a man who uses a tray purse, men who wear their specs on chain are never to be entirely trusted.

Newsnight Review reviewer review
Saw Mark Lawson in the street presumably on his way to Broadcasting House. He’s a big old fella easily 6” 2, and looks very much like his Viz cartoon character tee hee. As to his walk past a newsstand, I think it lacked conviction and was essentially light weight and sadly thoroughly derivative of Paul Morley a jokey reference to Mark Kermode just as he went round the corner did however raise a smile.

Joke of the week
I went down the local ice-cream shop today, and I said, "I want to buy an ice-cream" The man said, "Hundreds & thousands?" I said, "We'll start with one." He said, "Knickerbocker Glory?" I said, "I do get a certain amount of freedom in these trousers, yes."

Gdansk, Gdansk, Gdnask....

In the world of easy jet and Ryan air many places have become unlikely travel destinations. In fact there will be some people who have only ever been to Estonia or Tallinn and have not enjoyed the delights of traditional tourist spots such as Paris and Venice.
This on the whole is a good thing (we’ll sidestep boorish stag dos and the rise of sex tourism for a minute) but of all the places to offer a tempting break, Gdansk would be the last. That is until I saw this poster on Oxford st. Now for old gits like me Gdansk, if it brings anything to mind, it’s shipyards and Lech Walesa. Closer to home it’s the place one of my forefathers set off from when he headed for the brave new world of Hull.
Cleverly Gdansk has gone for leather coated sexual intrigue, fronting their campaign with a flame haired beauty who seems to be descended from the union of a handsome Polish lancer and a milk skinned piano playing countess, sorry I’ll stop now before I turn into Barbra Cartland.
If you take up their offer, why not print off my useful guide to polish sausage.

Polish Lancer pasta

There are a number recipes inspired by the military, chicken chasseur, garibaldis, boiled eggs and soldiers! This one was brought together from things from the local shop, long thin lance like polish sausages, nice tomatoes and even some basil. I like to think you could make this from the contents of well stocked saddlebag/hedgerow. It’s a variant on the classic tomato and basil pasta sauce, sorry there is no veggie alternative.
Should take 20-30 mins
Will feed 4 depending on how much pasta to sauce you like, just add an extra sausage and more tomatoes.

Kabanas allow two per person
About 2-3 medium tomatoes per person /or a large tin of plum for everyone
1 onion medium
3-4 cloves garlic
5-10 basil leaves to taste.
Splash of tabsco (optional)
Salt & pepper
Pinch sugar
Couple of inches of tomato puree if your fresh tomatoes aren’t ripe.
Grated hard cheese to sprinkle
Pasta 100-200g person of penne or shells etc

Gently cook the sausage for 3-4 minutes to release their oil and cook them through remove with slotted spoon and leave oil in pan.
Chop the sausage into 1cm coins and set aside
Chop onions into fine dice
In the sausage oil soften the onions
After 3-4 mins add the garlic, cook until the onions cooked and taken a little colour
Chop the tomatoes into chunks (if I’m being fancy I take the skins off)
Add to the onions stir and cover for 5 minutes
Let the tomatoes cook for 10 min or so.
Check seasoning add sugar to bring sweetness in tomatoes and or add puree.
Add in sausages and the tabsco and keep warm on a low heats
Cook pasta something to soak up the sauce up tubes or shells perhaps
When cooked mixed pasta, torn basil and sauce (and little pasta water if sauce too thick)
Serve immediately with cheese passed separately.

This weeks download chart (sort of)
As of last night here are the positions of stuff download from my blog

1. basil.jpg
2. negative pic.jpg
3. Flamenco.mp3
4. radish2.jpg
5. radish.jpg*

*errata wrongly labelled should be “Mustard & Cress”


Anonymous said...

That ice cream vendor, I think he also doubles as a landscape gardener. He leared at me from his van and said: "Do you want any grass, man?". "No thanks," I replied, "nice bit of crazy paving does me fine." He also lives in past, I reckon. He said: "How about any LSD, man?" I said: "Don't be daft - pounds, shillings and pence went out with decimalisation."

Anonymous said...

Your dream surely relates back to a seshion in Leeds, where we wandered into Pizza Express, and crooned against the piano. Poetry and crooning are very similar.I seem to remember they didn't mind this, and only threw us out when we tried to buy a bottle of champagne for a fiver. Capricosa - I wish they sold samosa...