Saturday, 28 April 2007

Friday Lucky Bag vol 7

Film of the week
Do yourself a big favour and go and see Sunshine. We went in the week and it is great and frankly you need to see it on big screen to get the full effect it will look crap on your TV.
It was one of the best times I’ve had in the cinema in long while.
It does have a thriller/horror element but visually it is not too graphic. Danny Boyle does that good thing of blurring the horror (so most of it’s in your mind) and therefore making it scarier. It was so involving I almost hid behind me shirt at one point.
It’s got great visuals (in a 2001 style but pacier), good acting, spooky sound, overall a great film and a really great cinema experience.
Me and P left the cinema buzzing and had to have a few “settlers” to calm down.
Ps. I had omen about this film having seen (I think) Cillian Murphy out shopping the other day, oh those cheek bones.
In tribute to Sunshine go here for sun facts
Or here for sundials

Single of the week

I wrote in a previous blog (At great length) about Los Marshalls a Spanish pop band for 1960’s and their cracking single “Flamenco”. Well with my new file hosting site I can let you have a listen. It’s unlikely, but if anyone associated with the band wants me to take the file down I will, it was put up as a celebration. I would normally send you to site to buy the record but as I tunes doesn’t have an obscure vinyl section yet I can’t! Oh and it’s a bit crackly.

Oh so that's what she does of the week
A foot note at the bottom of the BBC coverage of Hugh Grant throwing his sarnie box at a pap explains all about his ex
“He (grant) recently split from Unicef ambassador Jemima Khan" which looks better on your CV than hangs around with rich blokes and gets in and out of cars.

Seeds of success.

I planted my window sill garden this week. Hopefully I should have some tomatoes, basil, radishes and various cress and sprouting seed things soon.
When I say soon the radish came up in about 27 hours hurrah! Am attempting to have one meal I've grown myself.
One little aside aren't seed packets fantastically designed things totally evocative and essentially cheery. Like hardware shops they seemed filled with potential and positive attitude. A big display of them seems to all whisper "grow me..."

Solipsism of the week
The god of fire (I’d like to think it’s Vulcan but it’s more likely to be Roy Wood) has being trailing me this week. First there was a big fire near to my flat in Deptford/Newcross and then I woke and had 3 secs of bliss when it sounded like my office had burnt down. Un/fortunately it was a few doors down. Clearly the two aren’t related, however much I might like the idea that some bearded deity is throwing thunderbolts at me (even if he’s doing it with a brummie accent) it sadly just chance…

Major life events of the week
I finally started to manage someone old enough to be my daughter. Not in a knocked someone up when I was 16 way but in the got married in my middle twenties had kids in an unhurried sort of way.
Another thing that happened this week was I started to fancy the (potential) French president!

Any Dream will do
Lastly it is only a matter of time until my blog mentioned a dream I've had; all blogs seem to in the end!
I woke from a dream that involved a pub with a carvery (fat bloke dreams what can you do) with a question playing on my mind,
If human flesh tastes like pork what's the crackling like?

Sweet of week
The good old lion Bar yes I know it's by Nestle (always said to rhyme with wrestles) but they are deliciously chewy and to mind always taste of French service stations.

Cliché of the week
Spotted in the IT section of my new office, signs of old skool geekery: on two separate desks copies of Terry Pratchett novels plus large pictures of Buffy and Xena.


Coventry Blogger said...

Segolene Royale? Mince alors!

BLTP said...

I don't know why, I saw Gordon Brown's wife Sarah in the st the other day and just because she was wearing a red duffle coat, I thought better of her!