Thursday, 19 April 2007

Friday Lucky bag vol 6?

It Keeps me off the Streets pt1
How fast is Trans Europe Express by Kraftwerk?
I was on the tube listening to my mp3 phone and Trans Europe Express came on.
The throb of the song magically blended with the rattle of the train. I was struck by the fact that the Northern line was going at a similar speed as TEE.

I’ll explain the “duddle le durr” noise trains used to make (and the tube still does) was the noise of the wheels going over the gaps at the end of each rail (the fishplates). Modern trains don’t make the noise because they are wielded in one long track.

Anyway, anyway here’s the maths bit!
In the song there are approx 2 “duddle le durrs” per second
Rail tracks are on average 12m long
So the TEE is doing 24 m per seconds
Or 1440m a minute or 86400m per hour
Or 84 km/per hour which is about 53.4 miles per hour
Which is pretty slow. To get from Stuttgart (kraftwerks home city) to Paris would take 5hour 20 mins!
Anyway like I say it keeps me off the streets!

Do you want to know more about the real Trans Europ Express (sans e)
Want to know more about Kraftwerk well avoid their stylish but gnomic website and go here.
Want to download TEE (live)

Rubbish spa treatment of the week
from a guide to Bavaria that was in the paper this morning.

Street sign semiotic pt 15
There are some painfully trendy shops around where I work, one caught my eye because in trying to be cool it’s gone through the other side into sad. It’s A style whose humorous logo I wont sully my site with it.

This sort of logo is worn by pub bores and sad 17 years olds, you know the ones. Famous Army Stores used to have racks of them saying “Additov” “not a beer belly it’s a power station for a sex machine” that sort of thing.

I Saw a particularly sad one on tube the other day “FBI (in little letters underneath) Fit Body Inspector”. Is there a women alive ……
Also A style is the sort shop you can’t work out what they sell from the window, my guess was manga action figures and star wars space helmets but it turns out it’s t-shirts.

funny t shirt blog?!

Proper Charlie!
Saw Charlie Brooker walking down Carnaby st this week.
Avoided doing the obvious ie telling him the ending to “life on Mars”. That being said he was asking for it, he was wearing big aviator mirrored sunglasses (so that he doesn’t get mobbed by fans presumably!) and one of those sub Hi-Fi topman faux army jackets.

So, yes he looked like a proper Nathan Barley, Tw*t! I wonder how many people run up to him and shout obscenities in tribute to his own rhetorical style! Anyway I like him even better knowing he used to write for oink magazine!

Eloy nassif: subject: Now, Gandalf, you said that you had counsel to give, if I would hear it.

Street sign semiotics part 12!
The self delusion corporate restaurant is as we know legion. But Garfunkle’s strapline "legendary & loved" is the most deluded yet.

I suppose “how do they stay open & depressingly bleak” isn’t quite as snappy. Hope you like the Martin Parresque trapped diner staring out, it was pure chance I promise.

Book of the week
Another birthday pressie (Ta R and E)
Great British Comics by Paul Gravett & Peter Stanbury is excellent, it sounds spoddy (can you see a pattern appearing) but it is a fantastic illustrated book with every comic ever drawn in Britain.

From Dennis the Menace to Dan Dare to Judge Dredd to obscure stuff like “wired world” that only sad gits like me know. It’s not just boy’s stuff there are brilliant girl’s strips too. A must for anyone interested in British popular culture
Go to Paul Gravett excellent comic site.

Sweet meat of the week
Leon’s chocolate brownie
Sorry if this is a bit London centric but have added a link to recipe so you can make you own. But these are delish the other foods nice, The restaurant is all a bit deliberately styled for my liking, well I hope they were going for the slightly chaotic health food cafĂ© because that’s what it’s like. The brownies are delish they taste like chocolately fruit cake mixture. As for the restaurant it’s very nice, probably still go to Gaby’s !

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