Sunday, 8 April 2007

Easter Sunday update

"with a licorice spume...."

Just a quick up date on Great British Menu, sadly I fear this series is going to disappear into culinary-del-sac. Because the whole thing is hung on a reception at the British Embassy in Paris We are going to get lots of knock off molecular cooking winning, in a vain (in both senses of the word) attempt to meet French haute cuisine standards. Sat Bains won (on Friday) even though he made "the most disgusting pudding I have ever tasted".

Puddings being something we actually do better than most other countries, for British chef to mess this up should have automatically disqualified him.

It seems that straightforward tasty and interesting dishes will passed over for pyrotechnics. shame really.

Also regardless of all the Foreign Offices attempts the French will never give the word of praise for any other countries food, that's point. The day they did they would probably stop being French and we wouldn't like them so much.

Lyric of the weekend

(so far, apologies if it's not original.)

from a Ray Montaigne song.
"I man needs something he can hang onto , like a nine pound hammer and a women like you..."

Cheese of the Weekend.
I lovely slab of something blue from Nottinghanshire from Neals yard, sadly the one down side to NY not shrink wrapping their cheese is always forget what I've bought.

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