Thursday, 10 May 2007

Friday Lucky Bag vol 9

Song of the week
Bounty hunter By The Nomads
More crackly fun this week , I now very little about this group, The Nomads. I’d hoped they were this lot but I fear not. It’s probably some session men but it's damn catchy. As Duane Eddy once said the “twangs the thang”, nice whistling too.

Stars in their ties
Saw Stephen Fry in the street this week, don’t you love it when people conform to type he was having a crafty gasper talking on his phone wearing full evening dress (at lunch time) his bow tie undone rakishly. I’d like to report he was witty and delightful on the phone but I fear he was just ordering a cab..

Stars and their pies
Also saw Aled Jones and no he was just “walking on the pavement”, he’s a big lad too many welsh pasties or just loads of cakes baked by doting old ladies perhaps.

Excitement of the week
Put on the big light:

Only 59 days to the new to the new Interpol record. I am very excited. July (9th) seems a strange time for the ‘pol to put new “product” out being the most cheery, sunny, bright and light month and The ‘pol being crepuscular at best. This is also the reason I am concerned about them playing festivals, they are not really a field band.
One song from the new album with the killer title “No I in threesome” shows they are on good form.
I am worried about the ‘tash in the photo though.
There is a rumour that the Editors (worst name in rock) will be putting out a new cd on the same day as the ‘pol (best name in rock). There won’t be much competition really it would be like the producers of the Sopranos worrying about a potential clash with The Bill! All together now “subway is a porno…..”

Finally caught up with some new music thanks to my Bro S. Had a chance to listen to The Gossip “Standing in the way of control” it’s a vibrant piece of punkyness, unfortunately it reminded me of the sort track Tina Carrere’s band “Crucial Taunt” in Wayne’s World would play. Only Beth Dittto’s attitude and personality separate the two bands at first listen.

Solipsism of the week
In an earlier blog about being stalked by the fire god Vulcan (or more likely Roy Wood) well, I may have been too flippant as our office server had small fire this week.
Exciting pictures of fire engines.

Cocks behind bars with big ears

To Harewood house north of Leeds for a family event. I last went there in 1978 when it was called “Harewood bird garden”, Chippendale chairs not being that exciting to 8 years olds. The bird garden has a sad air now, like a lot of zoos, solitary penguin being teased by children. Mournful pheasants, nice cocks and the odd flamingo.
The most impressive birds were the wild ones, some herons and a red kite which flew close over head (sorry couldn’t get a better picture) oh and next time some one say’s that’s a noddy car here’s the real thing.

Soviet food adverts of the week
Seemingly real food adverts enjoy.

Soviet film posters of the week
From the same site, truly wonderful

Lyrics of the week
The last song on the new Nick cave album Grinderman mentions “Women’s hour and gardener’s question time”.

Sweet Treat of the week
I’m blessed that both my two brothers are good cooks. Without stirring up anymore internecine competition than already exists. Let’s say they both have areas of skilliance.
Our S is best at pizzas and other veggie treats
Our A is good at many things including “daddy biscuits” and this week carrot cake
My specialties, well modesty prevents….
Al’s cake is from Nigel Slater’s recipes. But that shouldn’t detract from his brilliance.

Film of the week
Do yourself a favour and dust off Dusty.

Guitar hero of the week.
This young lad is lucky the witchcraft laws have been liberalised in the UK or he would be burnt as a witch (or should that be warlock). I fear as the UK gets a nicer place to live, the sheer boredom of suburbia will be reduced, meaning lads like this won’t spend the time in their bedrooms doing the aimless noodling it takes to play like this. So keep Britain boring I say.

Pub(s) of the week
The Town street Tavern
A fine example of how pubs should be, a simple bar that sells local ales, tasty foreign bottled beer, good food (I’m told) no music, no smoke just adults talking and drinking perfect.
They’ve a few other places all seemingly along the Wharf valley!

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