Monday, 10 December 2007

Oh put that new Can Cd on lovey....

Advent Calendar Day 10.

The best Christmassy song you could never play at ya grannies on Christmas day

Any music fan knows the problem, you are spending Xmas at your rellies and your thoughtful spouse or cooler sister has given you what you want i.e. a box set of kraut rock, early ska or “now that’s what a call shoegazing XI”, after lunch a kindly elderly relation encourages you to put on your new present.
Almost as soon as the cd draw slides shut and you press play, the room slowly quietens as the first bars of “scraping foetus of the wheel” kicks in and all the needles fall off the tree, the Bailey’s curdles in the bottle and all a sudden grannies deaf aid starts whistling and it’s back to Heartbeat and 2llb of match makers, ahh well maybe next year.

Here without doubt is the best song you won’t be able to play after the Queen’s speech. Mainly because it’s so wonderfully bleak.

The Handsome Family: So much wine

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