Friday, 14 December 2007

I don't want to be Catty but

Can we start talking sense?

I’m afraid I’m back to business/ad speak again, I think one of the reasons this nonsense persists is that in the age of the blackberry etc, no ever has to say these words out loud (at least in mixed company) as if they did surely their mouths would fill with ashes and their teeth would fall out, as such torture of the English language must by a mortal sin.

The phrase that struck me was in the paper this morning at the end of one those interviews with famous people where they shamelessly talk about shopping.
This weeks star was with former yoof tv presenter and brummie Cat Deeley, you know form, one of those pieces where they say “vintage” when they mean “second hand” and where there’s no shame about spending £500 on bag. Nothing new in any of this except at the end, because Cat wouldn’t talk about shopping without some higher purpose there is the usual plug for her latest project. Ms Deeley isn’t selling a book, or tv show nor is she the next Roxie doo dah in Chicago no she’s and I quote guest editing, a new website which gives expert direction to online shopping”

Ps. With reference to Ms Deeley “list of stuff she’s bought” I must try to calmly discuss sometime how new age types square their “touchy-feely” beliefs with the sort of hard edge business practice that being a “personal yoga instructor” must involve, “yes, Miss Deeley can I call you Cat, I sensed you were spiritual person from the first time we met, and you have such a lovely home……”

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