Thursday, 13 December 2007

OH No Eno & Bono, ere's Yoko

Advent Calendar 11-13 (AND MY 300th POST HURRAH!)

The Best Christmas song by a much maligned artist
It’s the season of good will, so let’s reach out to those who have had a good kicking over the years.

Yoko Ono has been the end of endless stick for over 40 years; this is out of proportion with that which was handed out to any woman who deigned to marry a Beatle. Yes she was wacky and her singing was an acquired taste but she was always good value and some of her art was straightforwardly good conceptional stuff.
Also one shouldn’t overlook that some of the flak was simple racism. Let's be honest John and Paul had moved so far in a few years that they weren’t going back to writing “I want to hold your hand” even if they moved back their mum’s spare room.
Lastly Yoko at her gauchest isn’t a tenth as annoying as Macca's soon to be ex.

I like Yoko’s original version which was on the back “Merry xmas war is over”. But both my copies are really scratched.

So here’s Galaxy 500’s wonderful version:


Planet Mondo said...

What a great track - glorious! It will be a permie fixture on my Xmas playlists, thanks for posting.

BLTP said...

I do love it , I have friend who perversely stopped liking this version once they knew Yoko was involved!