Sunday, 27 February 2011

My new favourite Book .... L is for Laika.

Stumbled upon this wonderful 1960's kids book "A Space Alphabet" by Irene Zacks. Love this sort of simple illustation style. I had look for a copy on line 2nd hand copies only go for about 2-3 quid a page! Oh well Wardomatic has scanned it all in here! enjoy!
Here's my space book blog

Friday, 18 February 2011

1/2 Monty

1/2 Monty
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Saw this outside a bakers yesterday , all this in a butty is either heroic or suicidal. I once saw a sandwich not far from here that had bacon,egg, melted cheese & Black pudding in it and yet was on the "Lite Bite" menu.

Libraries gave us powe:. update

Libraries gave us power.
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One of our Power stations has closed sadly

Monday, 14 February 2011

and the winner is....

and the winner is....
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You don't need to be Mary Porta or even have just watched half an episode of Madmen to know this was going to be tough sell. A cheery little bust of Maggie for your mantelpiece. A snip at 175 quid what it didn't even sell in Guildford for that much hang on lets knock it out in run down parade of shops in Barnsley for thick end of 90 quid up next exports of sand to Saudi soar....

Friday, 11 February 2011

We shall over come

Nobody knows what's going to happen from now in Egypt but the first buds of freedom are always good to see, it's very moving to see it unfold. You can only wish them well and hope their hopes and dreams are fulfilled in the end

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Look I won't say this again stop this cup cake madness now!!!

The gloopy saccharine zeitgeist rolls on as the whole country gets smothered in garish covered butter cream and sickly icing. I return to the subject of cup cakes (or BUNS as they have been called ever since Mrs Bero first turned out a moist sponge). They as I have said before become a gluten plague clogging up our high streets , the over sweet aspirational panacea for Cameron's thieving Etonocracy.
Sorry for the blurry picture but here we have them with the other consumer emollient of age: the slanket.

But what really made despair was when out in Otley at the weekend. Otley is nice, oddly rural (being so close to Leeds) but nice and the market is good . But down a side street there was a shop called the "the Yorkshire soap co" one of those stripped down boutiquey shops . In the window was a display of  bath bombs in the shape of cup cakes. And so the circle is complete; the focus group yummy mummy kath kidsonopocalyse is upon us  , the  two of the main ways to sell crud especially to women , "naughty but nice oh go on treat yourself" sickly treats and because your worth it pampering treats in one pretty package. The whole shop was twee in a that blank eyed way those shops are with it's Glass domes and  hand written signs and yet blandly corporate.

I was given a bath bomb once when Lush first appeared  can't say I was massively won over it produced a slightly artificial smelling bath which afterwards and there's no pleasant way of saying this looked like one of my flat mates had thrown up in the tub, it took 10  minutes to get rid of the bits of petal and oddly persistent foam.

Of course these bombs won't actual be used in anger they'll be admired for a few seconds over coffee and than sit getting dutsy on some window sill with all the other forgotten lotions and potions. Of course anyone with any taste would head across to Geo. Middlemiss award winning shop opposite for a hot pork pie or if they want something that's truly pretty in pink.