Saturday, 14 July 2007

Hell 4 Lethva!

Straight outta JD sport

My Adidas RUN DMC 1982 Def Jam
In celebration of my new “kicks” this week I’ve brought you a slab of old skool from RUN DMC. I know, I know but they didn’t write a track called “My Reebok”. I’m afraid I never moved on from this sort of hip hop, it still sounds great. The more recent stuff like Kanye West etc leaves me a bit cold. Run and the Boyz however kick harder than a mule!

As I said, I got some new trainers this week, without being too much of a bloke they are the same as the last pair I had (This is all a bit Gilbert and George is it) and they are also the same as the one before that! They are Reebok classics (in black). I like them for various reasons chief among them is they are simple and not flashy, don’t have complicated soles but aren’t painfully “old skool” either. The fetish of the trainer is a sad recent phenomenon, the same magazines and TV shows that coo over some tiresome “B-boys” 60 pairs of box fresh Nike, would no doubt sneer at a homely thimble collection. The difference between the 2 groups obsessions is minimal particularly as some trainer collectors (they probably call themselves “Sole Bruvas”) never wear their prizes.

Sadly the V&A and the BBC condones this addiction!. Whilst I’m in Grumpy old man mode googling “pump collection” gets you to lots of lovely steam engines hurrah!
I’ve always steered away from being a la mode, in fact I was only very briefly fashionable in this respect when the Face’s “must haves of June ‘97” was the same pair of New Balance I’d bought, I even got them from their proscribed shop in Neal st the shame. I think on the whole you should always base decisions in life in this and most other areas on the maxim “what would Westwood do?” and do the opposite!

The other pleasing thing about Reebok Classics is that they are in the top 3 favourite trainers of criminals. Along with Nike, Reeboks are the Trainer that Scene of Crime Officers have to print after burglaries the most. I don’t think sadly they have any advantages for “breaking and entering” other than being well made with good grip. One thing the survey didn’t look at was, were these shoes the most stolen trainers as well, I think they probably are.


ally. said...

the classic pub shoe - spilt booze simply wipes off, good grip when leaning over the pool table at a mad angle, sporty enough for quick getaway after 'are you looking at my pint' incident.
but you really should've bought addidas. or vans. or converse.

BLTP said...

I think I started out with the miss apprehension they were British, maybe I'll try some addidas next time. I hadn't realised the were so linked with thing i know never wear nike!

Anthill said...

Have you heard that Rick Rubin has been seen at Celine Dion's Vegas concert?

Everything he's ever been involved with is now condemned by association.

So stick to the Reeboks and sell your Run DMC stuff.

BLTP said...

Anthill, thanks for you comment, this trainer business is fraught.
I did see that Celine " why didn't she go down with the boat" Dion had been attracting "hipsters" to her shows but had looked at the story through my fingers in the hope of not seeing anyone I respected!