Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Free at last

Update: I've added an Amnesty International widget to help publicise their Darfur Campaign I was inpressed on the effect everyday peoples campaign help support Alan Johnson and helped him get released! Maybe we all should do that bit more more often.

A Nice change.
The morning news for last few years has generally been downbeat (or outright bad) every morning my clock radio clicks on with the words “extremist factions”, “stabbing”, “flooding” and “8 wicket defeat” not far away. Most days rolling over seems the best option (I did try Wogan and music channels but they drove me up the wall) anyway this morning some good news Alan Johnson was released. I was very deeply moved, I think mainly by his obvious emotion and humble acceptance. Also of him telling of the thousands of people who have called for his release. It was good that for once there wasn’t a horrible ending. So for once for 10 minutes some positive news.


Coventry Blogger said...

I quite agree, something good to wake up to for once.
I tried Radio 3 for a bit but found it too relaxing. At least shouting at John Humphreys or assorted politicians wakes one up...

BLTP said...

I was suprised how good it felt, just for once that things ended well
re: today programme
I attend to my ablutions whilst thought for the day is on though it's teething hurtingly annoying