Sunday, 1 July 2007

How does it feel?

Pretty good actually! Always wary of recommending pubs (I don't want everyone to go and ruin them) but we went to the Northumberland Arms on Goodge st last night. It's the perfect late night pub , as we walked in Blue Monday was playing, they had Pride and Deuchars IPA on the pumps and even the golf on ceefax! It opens that bit later 12 ish on a weekend. It a jewel of pub loads of wood, glass partitions etc. The staff are friendly, the noise and hubbub is appropriate for late on. It's nice in day too just don't go too often.

ps. why are people on pub review sites so miserable?


ally. said...

and in my favourite bit of town too.
nice choice.

BLTP said...

I think it's nicholson pub which are always good in my experience.