Monday, 2 July 2007

all the beautiful people!

Like most people on the internet I have received an invite to facebook. I'm sure it's fine as messaging service. Not sure about the whole list of what i like side of things. Also following my friends links I am startled by their glamorous friends. Everyone is blond, or has their pic taken at black tie dos or on a yacht or up a mountain. Where are all these glamorous people, with their exciting lives and complicated names when we go to the pub, why haven't I been introduced to them ( i already know most of the answers to this sadly.) Do people really have this many friends or it just posh people? the whole things smacks of Alumni magazines, where posh girls tell of the troubles of raising kids or sailing round the horn and generally brag about their perfect lives. And as for tracking down long lost friends well is that really a good idea it sounds like the plot for an afternoon play. I may change i think I'm not an early adopter but an early complainer.

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