Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Good News, Good Boozer, Good Shoes Good God Names"

Very VERY Good News:
During a brief browse I found this glorious piece of news, Edwyn Collins has a new album “Home Again” out on 17th Sept Hurrah! He seems to be getting much better and is even comtemplating playing live double hurrah!

Nominative determinism pt12 ( this is true honest)

A friend met a catholic priest who is apparently called Ivor Parish, no word of lie.

Museum of street semiotics: pensile object annexe pt 57.

Someone's new "kicks" just hanging around just off Oxford ST

The best Pub Garden in London?

To the Dolphin in Sydenham on Sunday for a Hog Roast .
The food was excellent (good meat and excellent salads with Eton Mess for afters) and the beer (Pride) was also good. The place is kid friendly and if all gastro pubs were likes this they wouldn’t be getting a bad name.

The Dolphin’s main attraction is the best designed, most striking beer garden in London (possible the UK!).

It’s in a “modern tudor” style and once they get some parasols it will be perfect. A really nice mix of modern industrial and formal knot garden that uses the setting well and doesn’t try to hide the local factory setting. A great change from some manky white plastic chairs next to the beer cellar aircon fans, you get in most places.
Ps. Did you go to school that had a pud named after it like David “man of people” Cameron?


Clair said...

Aren't those trainers supposed to denote gang territory?

BLTP said...

That's the urban myth thats got around I saw a piece in private Eye berating the mail for reinerating it recently though. I think kids just like to do it for a cruel laugh, you know knick ya mates shoes and throw over the telephone wire. For much go here

Clair said...

Ah. That explains a lot.

al_uk said...

Hearing you talk about hog roast reminded me of the best party I've been to recently.
It was a silly wig, glasses and teeth party for a friends 50th. The fancy dress broke the ice wonderfully for lots of people who came from all over and didn't know each other, Hog roast, timothy talyor landlord on draught, free ice cream van after the excellent pork, then .....wait for kebab van at 12.30!!!!! Even the cover band wasn't well done the Hendrys for such a whizzo party.