Thursday, 26 July 2007

Rising 30

Smiths knoll automatic

Poetry of lists pt 35
The beauty of the shipping forecast has been much discussed elsewhere, in fact in terms of the poetry of lists it’s probably the grandmother of them all. The accidental collision of the names of islands, rivers and light ships etc mixed with wind speeds and directions is fascinating. In that it’s generated by scientist and satellites it’s a modernists dream a self generating poem, endlessly new each day but strangely timeless. Over at “well I never” there’s a nice take on it.

Forth, Tyne, dogger….

The sharp eared will have noticed we have lost finistere and replaced it with Fitzroy. This was to avoid confusion with the Portuguese sea area of the same name I believe (why couldn’t they change their name?). I don’t mind Fitzroy but maybe in future the Poet Laureate should be consulted on the name change we don’t want anything jarring.

Also you can listen to it online but the purist in me would argue its best late at night once “sailing by” has faded. The contrast between your warm sheets and some trawler man as wash with cold water in gale is really telling, however soothing the words.

Lastly I should get round to putting my super 8 on video so my film of London place names mentioned in shipping forecast can see the light once more.

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now that's a super8 i want to see