Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Seven Ages of (c) rock the Beeb writes back

As well as whingeing about it here I also wrote to the BEEB about how rubbish the 7 Ages of Rock programme was. My only complaint about the reply is that this was the one programme a week I was meant to like. I am a big music fan (in every sense of the word!) with far too many Lps , singles,eps, cds, tapes ,flexidiscs, minidiscs, I subscribe to two monthly music mags, listen to music on the way to and from work and stand in fields of mud to trying to like the Klaxons. So the seven ages of rock should have been up my street don't you think? Ahh well at least I can console myself with talent shows, Fern Britton fawning over William and Harry and that godawful new Katherine tate knock off show on BBC3.
here's the Beebs reply, my original was a cut down version of my previous rant.
ps you will notice I praise as well as criticise (in my orginal letter I praised soul Britannia) I just want the BBC to get better.

Thank you for your e-mail regarding 'Seven Ages of Rock'.
While we try to provide a wide range of programmes across our radio and television output that will be of interest to every section of our audience, there will inevitably be times, hopefully rare, when what is on offer does not meet your own particular interests. Research shows us that in a typical week we do provide a substantial number of programmes which everyone can enjoy, but I am sorry that you have been disappointed with this particular programme.Please be assured that I have registered your comments on our Audience Log, which is used by producers and the makers of 'Seven Ages of Rock' in assessing feedback from viewers.In closing, may I thank you once again for taking the time to contact the BBC.Regards
John ClarkeBBC Information________________________________________Watch Saving Planet Earth from 24th JuneTogether we can help save the world's endangered wildlifeYou can donate to the new BBC Wildlife Fund at www.bbc.co.uk/savingplanetearth, or by calling 08705-100-700 Thank You


Clair said...

Dear BLTP,
Please accept our standard letter which we send to every licence payer who dares to complain about our wonderful shows. Now fuck off.
Yrs etc.

I read that this show would be the last of its kind. Good. I don't want any more programmes telling me things I already know.

BLTP said...

It's funny when I wrote praising them I got a note from the production team.