Monday, 9 July 2007

Braying while Hull floods!

I normally keep my rants to my other blog this made me so mad I've double posted!
Bill Hicks was right " all advertising people should kill themselves" we all get spam my crap mobile company insists on sending me texts to download rubish like Mika videos but earlier today I got one of the most crass bits of spam ever.
Those nice multi millionaires at last minute dot com and their braying gimps in marketing sent me this. The subject line was "severe weather warning" and the email attachment opens with a picture of someone sheltering from a storm on a sea front. The charming strap line "will the last person out of the country turn the lights out!" tee hee can you seem what they've done those little post modern scamps, BRITAIN HAS HAD THE WORST FLOODING IN YEARS 30,000 PEOPLE IN HULL HAVE HAD THEIR HOMES RUINED BUT THE 12 YEAR OLD GITS AT LASTMINUTE WANT US TO BLOW OUT CREDIT CARDS ON SOME CRAPPY CITY BREAKS IN SHANG HAI TO GET AWAY FROM IT ALL! there is no pit of hell low enough for these people ( I know I know,the real hell is saved for tyrants etc).You'd think low cost hoilday merchants the day after Live Earth would keep their heads down but no ! I'm going to email them to complain and also to advertsing standards council or similar

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