Monday, 30 July 2007

The Public Image

Things you learn on your way to work pt 64:

That Stoke Newington “is a good place to move to in you late 40’s” this from some callow youth behind me on the bus. Somebody needs to tell the painfully hip kid at the next stop he was all “new Rave” drama hair, bead drain pipes white slip-ons, plus he was wearing a Public Image Limited (PIL) T-shirt! I know people have been wearing rock t-shirts for a few years now, just for their look. But do you think he’s ever heard PIL record, he’s certainly never danced at the “Death disco”, it probably doesn’t matter. It just makes me smile.
The tight Joy Division vest tops with the slashed back I saw the other day are my fave. They have a savvy and sexy mainstream cool which Joy Division (or their fans) never had; if Ian and the boys had had that sort of open southern European sexiness in 1979 Joy Division wouldn’t have formed in the first place.

Also I've noticed the dates on casual wear are getting more up to date. In the 80's it was "Airclub 1947" or "Edwards gym '56" on sweat shirts , bomber jackets or similar. A few years ago Gap went for 1969 as the signifier of some golden age. Recently the 1970's and of course 80's can be seen. I think like most nostalgia there is 20-30 year window from the present, when the world was better, safer, more stylish which we refer to. In 3-5 years time we see "hot club 91" ravey things I'm sure.

The sunny weather this morning must have brought more slogan t-shirts into view as Ms Woo is talking about here as well.

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Clair said...

Ooh, great minds etc! I'm sure it IS the weather. I hate to see kids in Smiths shirts; it makes me angry. They're MY era, and nobody can take it away from me. They weren't born then etc etc..