Tuesday, 17 July 2007

I spy sad web geek?

Early morning Oxford st I-spy

How many can you spot?

Junior Jarvis. 20 points
Haven’t spotted him recently but he was there again today, a perfect recreation of Sheffield’s favourite son. Including thick framed glasses, charity shop shirt and shoulder length lank hair. He sometimes uses a microscooter, scooting along in the way only a self obsessed web designer can.

The Choddy removal machine 5 points

The first bewildered tourist couple of the day.10 points
Pulling cases on wheels the size of skips they look anxiously back and forth up oxford st and then set off in the wrong direction.

Preening, over dressed Bond st woman. 5 points.
Can’t walk anywhere without lots of hair swinging and high heeled stomping and is excessively well dressed for 8.45 am. Usually accompanied by.

Tight suited big tie posh bloke.2 points

With slick hair and shiny shoes, he’ll force his way to end of carriage for one stop and then stride off up the escalator as if not doing much at an auction house all day is the world’s most important job. .

Person running for a bus like it was the last chopper out of Saigon 5 points.
Relax there will 15 along in minute.

The free paper dispenser 1point
Getting ready for a day of covering the streets with newsprint.

The women staring with deep existential angst out of the window of MacDonald’s 15 points.

Tall podgy bloke walking quickly (he’s always that bit too late) making snooty mental notes of his fellow man. 25 points!

Ps google image search English women/ woman you get a strange mixture


ally. said...

this is top class enertainment i shall be trying next time i venture out. thankyou sweetie

BLTP said...

Seeing Junior Jarvis does cheer me up every morning!