Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Second helpings of Gordon no thanks!

Tasteless TV:
I’ve written a lot about TV cookery programmes because I like them. The one strangely I haven’t mentioned is the F word. The main reason is I’ve never really taken to it. I’ll explain.

My main problem is I don’t think Gordon Ramsay likes food or at least doesn’t show it in the same way that Rick stein, or Delia or Nigella do. It all seems to be part of his Alpha male act. You never really see him enthuse about dishes. If he praises something it’s not because it’s tasty it’s because it’s the best pie or whatever. It just one more drip in his lifelong pissing competition
I also find his bully boy stuff tiresome, all that naming animals you’re going to slaughter after your cooking rivals, I mean how childish is that?
I also find the cookery sketches annoying being just a chain of barked ingredients. Gordon watch Gary Rhodes to see how it’s done.
The whole mock restaurant thing is a bit stale and I’m not entirely sure the best place on TV for Janet Street Porter is in front of the camera (I know it’s a cookery programme but does she have to be so hammy).
Also I see Giles Coren has swapped being Ramsay’s bitch for being Bird’s Eye’s.
So, on the whole I don’t watch the F word. I like kitchen Nightmares but imagine it will fade like all those high concept shows do.

Which brings me to the whole scandal over him not catching a fish? Is anyone really surprised, cooking is based on artifice, restaurant cooking especiallyso . TV cookery shows are completely artificial, the 2 fat ladies didn’t know each other from Adam before joining up, and I don’t think the hairy bikers did either. The same producer that makes F word made the Naked Chef a programme that was completely made up. My favourite episode was when Jamie did a christening lunch for a friend. It was laughable, the best bit was when he got a lift down the Thames to pick up his suit from the cleaners, the ending of them all eating desert in an ice storm pretending it was June was hilarious.

So Gordon not catching a fish is not so terrible, this whole TV lying business would be easier to take if the chief accusers weren’t the print media that well known hot bed of honesty and veracity.

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Clair said...

Surely most people realise much of tv is a lie these days? It's all in the editing, and you can make anything happen in the edit suite.