Tuesday, 31 July 2007

New Moon!

How the UN can improve Christmas TV

It was only this morning that I realised the full joy of the new head of UN’s name.
Ban-Ki Moon.
He doesn’t sound like a hard line enforcer does he? (I think Ban-Ki might sound more serious with hard K not the soft which makes him sound like a lap dog as in “come here, my little Bank- Ki who’s clever boy then”)

Although his name does suggest that my yearly Christmas watching of Eastenders could be improved. If there’s a plot line next Christmas where the head of the UN turns up to visit Nana Moon’s grave and then on hearing of her mistreatment Ban-ki has it out with his distant cousin Alfie in the Queen Vic, I’ll be watching. They will then have the traditional grim shouty Xmas dinner in the saloon bar, followed by some more shouting outside in the square. Old Bank-Ki can then bring in the blue helmets to pull apart two cat fighting b-listers and his last line should be “and I thought Darfur was grim” cue drum roll.


Anonymous said...

Have you sent this plot line in to the BBC? It could be the start of beautiful career.

BLTP said...

I'm not sure I'm fully up to the job as I only literaly watch 'stenders at my folks at Xmas. Having said that the plots don't seem to move on much in 12 months. Having the UN turn up can't be any less cheery than having a women having her faced rubbed into Xmas dinner!
What about Hans Blick Un weapons inspector searching holby general