Sunday, 22 July 2007

Brighton rocks!

Hopefully this won't be disrespectful considering my last post but here's my homage to Bernd & Hilla Becher. We went to Brighton yesterday and the place is full of plastic giant ice cream cones!

This montage was inspired partly by the 99 below ( and partly by my love of giant plastic food related advertising!). Looks like a fairly normal 99, cone, flake, ice cream. Yes, but notice the curved mounds of ice crean not your usual sharp ridges. The reason for this (sorry I got this second hand, thanks R) is that it comes frozen as whole, not out of machine but all in one from the fridge. It was delish but my heart is saddened that Britain's seaside tea stall staff are so de-skilled that they can't make a "fresh" 99.
Monday 23rd Update:
R (Britain's 8 th Best Mini Golfer) has just pointed out that the "real" 99 I'm holding looks less real than the giant plastic ones. I can assure you it was tasty in that mr softie way and even the cone was crisp!


ally. said...

we've been trying to get hold of one of those giant ice creams for a while - there's a brilliant one on a pole at the arnold palmer crazy golf that i adore.
thats a great set and a worthy tribute.

BLTP said...

I just took a picture of one and then another and another.... Virtually every shop on the front had one outside. I fear some scamps already been to Brighton thieving because several of them were sans Flake! Where the hell is the arnold palmer crazy golf course my friends r would very interested.

steve g said...

Pre-made 99's!!!! The beginning of the end! Or consequently, having a Mr Softee in the freezer at home could be perfect.

We were at the park with the kid's recently, and my friend's daughter dropped 4 99's in a row! We didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

BLTP said...

thinking about that poor kid is making me laugh now.