Sunday, 1 July 2007

The Future is British!

10 reason why British sci-fi is the best.

  1. H G Wells: Invented the whole thing.

  2. No tights: The yanks rely far too much on troubled superheroes in funny suits. How many times can the X-men have failed relationships I mean get a grip.

  3. Judge Dredd: 2000 AD has been stomping around the world of sc-fi for 30 years throwing away ideas with gay abandon. A couple of months worth of issues would keep star trek, going for 6 series.

  4. The doomy bleakness of Blake Seven.

  5. Dan Dare pilot of the Future, in a world of boiled cabbage, sweet rationing and outside toilets The Eagle burst forward into the world in brilliant technicolour.

  6. Time travel: Even though a British scientist proved it didn't exist that hasn't stopped the production of time paradoxes etc a whole new form of story.

  7. Reasons to miserable pt 12: Distopia, the idea that the future won't be rosy yep it came from a small damp island 21 miles from France. see Blade runner, Thunderbirds and most 1970's children tv.

  8. No robot demons molesting under dressed school girls. yes that's you Japanese with ya queasy manga, yes we like Godzilla and all those robots but leave off the pervy stuff.

  9. Quatermass the day of triffids, the day the earth burned , village of the damned, JD Ballard Arthur C clarke et al .

  10. Oh and the new Dr WHO which is fantastic I really like the one with the statues that only move when you look at them.


Coventry Blogger said...

Gosh! I wish I had a telly!

ally. said...

but heroes was ace.

BLTP said...

that sort of proves my point as they don't wear tights! I am looking to seeing heroes on bbc2 and i quite like batman! nice to have you along to the old blog