Saturday, 14 July 2007

Failed to leave Bismark!

Lock up your Pig's heads it's Gotti!

Can I add another member to the growing list of Eggert Magnusson (the new owner of West Ham)look a likes, earlier I pointed out he is never seen with yellow bastard from the sin city comics or Gilbert the alien and now it seems with the late Count Gottfried von Bismark . The Count officially the worst host ever (2 deaths at 2 different parties and you think your bad when you run out of ice) died recently , a friend sent me the Telegraph obit. Which tells a good tale and shows it is possible to have too much of good thing. I like the 'graphs style, having spent several 100's of words detailing Gottfried's 43 years of gay excess they end with the customary "he never married". Slight aside Conrad Black amongst his other worries might soon be outed as a number of times in the last few days he's been described as "flamboyant publisher"!
Back to telegraph obit page I have to admit it's way better than the Guardian's. I'm all for pioneering social reformers but the people in telegraph's deaths column have way more fantastic lives, they play piano in concentration camps, ram japanese supply vessels with subs. The always seem better written and a bit more joyful.


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