Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Tiny Beigel

This one is small but that one is far away...

Tiny food isn’t new, tiny burgers and fish and chips were the fashion at media parties for a while back and have filtered down to us lowly types in other industrys. I give you as an example the much afflicted bagel. The once proud chewy, flavoursome and filling roll has been debased first by places like Bagelmania (with their dry, fluffy textured bland rings) and now by M&S or whoever with these tiny ones.
Notice they still have a hole in them, which is really pointless in something so small. The fanciful side of me wonders if the smoke salmon is really a smoked anchovy it’s such a small bit and did the cheese come from a tiny cow (stop now you are getting twee). If you spotted any tiny food send it along.

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