Thursday, 12 July 2007

Moaning Farmer shock!

Regular as clockwork: there are a number of media stories which you can set you watch by. The most regular is “Christmas has been banned by some local council” (this usually comes out on Nov 6th)
Another popular one is the lonely planet releases their newest UK edition slags of the chips in Bristol and the media are up in arms
And lastly a few days after Glasto Michael “I see no mud” Eavis pipes up about getting in more teenagers in to his festival Yawn.

Apparently booking online helps us oldies get in first what with out super fast internet that comes with are Stanier stairlifts. So he’s going to defeat us by using the phone for more bookings which of course I can’t use what with arthritic figures and poor eye sight.

I do think it’s tight that he slags off his loyal customers so regularly. Also I am sure all the store holders who pay for the festival would just love it if more 20 something turn up, as they are all spent up by Saturday night, so he’ll have to charge less for vending licences to offset the loss in revenue ooops!
Oh and is he prepared for the blank looks as Van Morrison shuffles on the Sunday afternoon in front of a load of old teenagers who don’t know him from Adam ?

I do think it’s touching for a man in 70’s to still think that a 19 year public school boy can bring as much creativity and entertainment to event as someone twice their age. All the interesting stages that produce the “Glastonbury magic” are run by older types, aging punks and travellers, veterans of the circus and cabaret circuit not the Shepton Mallet 6th form Ents committee. Lastly we already have Glastonbury for teenager it’s called the Reading Festival and it’s boring.
Ps Michael why don’t save your breath get on your tractor and put some more drainage on your site and show a bit of gratitude to the people who have supported you for over 20 years.


Clair said...

I've never been to Glastonbury - fear of muck and camping, see? - but from what I can see, maybe making the festival less corporate might be the way forward if he wants to take it back to its roots.

I'm sick of seeing the Geldof girls, plus other assorted no-marks and hangers-on quaffing free drinks and enjoying free hospitality for an event for which most people will have paid a few hundred quid all-in. It's totally against the spirit of the festival, and must create a devisive atmosphere.

Glasto stalwarts like you have long enjoyed the festival, and Eavis should know that being a fan of new music doesn't stop these days when you're 30. As you say, older rock fans keep the traders in business, and also presumably raise more money for the charities Glasto supports.

BLTP said...

It all smacks of the Vicar at the village fete " we really must do more to involve the young folk" also having been called "common" by one of the BYT I'm not that positive about their contribution. I with you on the corporate side, most live entertainment in Uk is blighted by the free loaders who turn up and aren't interested in the acts. I think you posted about a Macca gig which was spoilt by people wittering all the way through. Some balance between decent toilets Vs Pimms tents and between old vs young as ever is the way forward.