Monday, 2 July 2007

A terrible mistake!

Seven Ages of crock.

Just watched the last edition of this poor series. Supposedly about indie music, it was just a rehash of the blur vs oasis battle which has been filmed at least two times before. Towards the end we get 20 minutes on the Libertines, a band with one song at best. This from programme that had no time for the Fall, New Order, Wedding Present, or even the mighty Cud. It hasn't mentioned Scotland Wales or Northern Ireland Orange Juice, the Manics or the Undertones clearly aren't worth talking about or the Bunny Men, the Las, the Associates, Human League, Aztec Camera, Simple Minds. No mention of Indie labels like Mute so no Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds or Depeche Mode. There was no mention that modern "indie Labels" aren't anything of the sort whatever Franz Ferdinand think mearly an exercise in re-branding for Sony et al. It's was a load of rubbish. I seriously doubt all their other series they have made lately as I thought they were well researched but looking at a subject I know something about I have my doubts. The annoying tie everything up in a bow endings where crass, a weird biblical view of history the roses begat oasis who begat blur who begat the libertines who begat the Arctic Monkeys. Putting aside all this the whole series has been a boys club so no talking to Chrisie Hynde, Blondie, Kate Bush or anyone latter bands. Really a terrible waste of time.
The could have saved us all a load of time and shown the Great rock and roll swindle instead


Coventry Blogger said...

Gosh! I'm glad I've not got a telly!

BLTP said...

it was pretty rubbish

al_uk said...

One thing to say Chris "Julie Burchill!"

BLTP said...