Friday, 8 June 2007

Friday Lucky bag vol oh I don't know 11?

Song of The Week
There is an idea that free music stops people buying tunes well as far as I’m concerned that’s not true. I heard this ace track here, Hello Saferide: I Was Definitely Made For These Times (Regal, 2007)
It has wormed it's way into my head. So much so I bought the single (3 times!). HMV have loads of singles many of them have great sleeves and are on really thick vinyl. Maybe people should think of them as solid state mp3’s.

I shall probably buy Pony Up after hearing their very rude tribute to full metal jacket star Matthew Modine. It's another Motown stomp, have a listen and then track down the record.

IF you ever wondered about Factory Records favourites A Certain Ratio here’s one of their
best. Shack up. (Factory Benelux) 1980

The effect of such tracks on the likes of Franz Ferdinand has been mulled over elsewhere I would just say it's funky good.

Sweet of the week
Speaking of great things in little packages, over the weekend as well putting the world to rights, cooking fish etc discussion turned to the subject of sweet meats. As always with 3 men there was a difference of opinion to wit, which are better Wine gums or Midget gems?
The discussion went back and forth. My take on the subject (the correct one) is that Midget Gems are the Beatles to Wine Gums Rolling Stones. Gem's are elegant and perfectly formed, they give up what they promise, wine gums on the other hands are just like the Stones they aren’t what they seem, no port in wine gums the same way that Mick Jagger comes from Kent not Kentucky. Case in point wine gums sourz the last refuge of the knave.

Oh and one thing the little black ones have to be licorice not black currant flavour it’s the law. If you, like every other right thinking person thinks this way ,sign this petition to lion brand, to keep the dark ones Spanish flavoured.

It seems midget gems have inspired many people.

Nice pictures of gems

A silly boy eating too many

Odes to the mighty mini sweets

Bring science alive with these little smashers

And lastly the question on everyones lips "can tall people eat midget gems? "
The best website ever I will shop here all the time!


Coventry Blogger said...

I'd completely forgotten about Midget Gems, but now I can remember that feeling of sugary gum stuck onto teeth, and the avoidance of those yucky black ones, which tasted of medicine - I didn't realsie it was supposed to be licorice! So I think that, history notwithstanding, that blackcurrant would be a jolly decent replacement. That's if Ribena haven't got 'em all.

Anonymous said...

I'm off down bon-bons mate. What a top website.

al_uk said...

Best scientific trick with midget gems (its more gruesome with jelly babies but midget gems will work)

1-2 cm depth of potassium chlorate.
Heat with bunsen until it melts
stop heating
add sweet
stand well back.....basically rocket fuel in a test tube
(for safety and legal reasons please adhere to all local safety rules and follow CLEAPS GUIDANCE AT ALL TIMES...DONT DO THIS AT HOME BASICALLY)

Midgetgems said...

The sweets I take my name from fill me with comedic inspiration and, I suspect, E numbers that make my eyes sweat. Nobody signed my petition which must mean I'm the only person thinking right left. However,that experiment looks most interesting!