Sunday, 10 June 2007

Goth Dreams goes pop!

Well it's official, another edgy youth cult has been assimilated into the mainstream. It took along time over 20 years but Goth is officially cuddly and nonthreatening enough to advertise fizzy pop. As seen today on a Irn Bru ad a bunch of Goths/emo's enjoy a day at theme a park (highly reminiscent of the Cubs on a roller coaster on Jim'll fix it).
It's a shame but it comes to all movements in the end, Goth took so long because it was never style mag cool, was a bit suburban, probably a bit too white and strangely geeky

At 6th form the coolest kids where Goths (to my mind), the girls where sexy in haughty corsety way, the guys tall aloof and coolly cynical. I was never goth material I was always too tanned, joked too much, enjoyed my dinners and couldn't pout for long enough.

My only goth claim to fame was that I was at party once which Andrew Eldridge from the Sisters of Mercy was meant to be at. I fear it was more likely the drummer from the Mission or worse still all of Ballaam and the Angel.

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