Monday, 11 June 2007

The Hooded Man

There's been some twaddle about an new Robin Hood film, in which the "hero" is the sheriff of Nottingham. I imagine the Nottingham Bugle (or whatever it's called is )"up in arms" ie there weren't enough murders and domestic this week so they had to cover this.
The idea that myths and legends don't get "re-invented" is nonsense, it's all they do.
Here's a test ask a young acquaintance (son, niece, family friend)to retell a popular story and they will immediately add or take a way bits. They will emphasise the bits they like and complain if you are telling it "wrong" in return. The same happened here it's not cultural imperialism "Robin Hood" is an international character now like Sherlock Holmes.

Also the press has rewarmed the chestnuts about Robin not coming form Nottinghamshire, well in fit of magnominity not often known in Yorkshire we'll let the midlanders have him. Let's face it what with their footy team doing badly , Rayleigh bikes not being made there anymore and even Paul Smith lives in London, Nottingham hasn't got much going for it. So seeing as god's own county is full of interest and culture, Robin can stay in his fictional home land. I sure he'll sleep safely in Kirklees abbey until he's needed again.

the two sides of Robin Hood


Coventry Blogger said...

One could go off someone you know....
NottmBlog (Ok, well, CovBlog then)

BLTP said...

I meant no harm after all Nottingham does have the prettiest women in all of England

Coventry Blogger said...

Ooh you creep!
(What's the email equivalent of giving someone a sarcastic glare over one's specs?)

BLTP said...

stars seem to be the thing as in *pulls down glasses and gives hard stare, trying to look disaproving but really looks puzzled*