Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Glasto thoughts

Glastonbury the aftermath
Things I learnt this weekend

That I like the Arcade fire a great deal. They are truly wonderful live, even from back in the crowd they engaged and exhilarated. So much so that at other gigs this weekend people where singing thier “ohh oooh” number not the T’monkeys etc.

That I like hot spiced cider. I’ve never been a fan of mulled wine, but when you’re really cold and wet, spiced Burrow's Hills cider is great. It had a hint of mail coach about it , of Dr Johnson warming himself after a downpour, good stuff.

That you should only drink Brother's Perry in a field and that no drink for adults should be that red!

That age and guile and a bit of stage craft will beat youth and bad hair cut, to whit the Waterboys were excellent.

That even in a badly run tent in a muddy dell with not great sound that Madness where excellent. Which other band do you know every word of 15 great songs?

That standing up in mud for 3 days can get a little dull!

Oh and according to a sixth former (standing in a stone circle) with a voice to put Celia Johnson to shame, that I speak “all common”. She wasn’t impressed when I pointed out that most people speak like me, people such as Wordsworth. She didn’t think “I was a man you don’t meet everyday” either!

That the paths of excess don't open the doors of perception: judging by the nonsense and banality of some conversation we heard as we struggled through the mud of Saturday evening.

That fire lanterns are very pretty even if they are a bit hippyish, see my film.

Oh and people who go out of their way to be strange or wacky characters generally can be confused or “weirded out” with a few well chosen non sequiturs!

Oh and that you can spend £750,000 on drainage that doesn’t work.


Coventry Blogger said...

Glad you had a good time despite the Somme-like conditions (ONly joking) and I'm dead envious about The Waterboys, would have really liked to have seen them again.
Wish I'd been a fly-on-the-wall at the stone circle...

BLTP said...

they are on tour this summer you could track them down!