Sunday, 17 June 2007

Glastonbury Media Clichés pts 3, 4 & 5

Excessive metaphor
The moment it rains …… “it’s like the Somme
The best reposte to this, is a quote by (rock writers) Paul Du Noyer (or possibly Jon Savage ?)

“it’s a common quip to compare rock festivals to the Somme but here’s one difference the Somme probably involved more teenagers”

Update Monday 18th morning : as if by magic a cliche appears from today's Guardian

Coo eeh Travis cop a load of these!!

Either in the papers or on TV we are bound to see the obligatory shot of an attractive bikini clad girl dancing on her boyfriend’s shoulders.

Arcane Language pt 12.

We know that only in the papers do people have “12 hours sex romps” and so it is with Festivals, where a strangely old fashioned word gets rolled out…….the word is “revellers”.
As in “Rain doesn’t dampen the fun as revellers at Glastonbury Festival enjoy the laid back grooves of….”


John said...

This kind of thing inspired the Glastonbury Lazy Journalism Metric

I neglected to include WW1 - probably should have done. Not only lazy but also pretty offensive.

BLTP said...

John, nice to have you along here. Re post:It always annoyed me a little, cliches and sloppy reporting are also guaranteed to drive me mad.