Sunday, 17 June 2007

Guide for Bands appearing at Glastonbury

If you want to have a good gig at Glasto here's some pointers.

Even if you are headlining the main stage on Saturday night, don’t be fooled that the audience are there to see you, they are not. Its simple all the tickets were sold before you name went on the bill.

  1. So whether you are the Killers or some second string indie outfit on the second stage, play your hits/best songs. If it’s going well you can maybe sneak something new mid set. Does this mean glasto punters are narrow minded? No, the opposite is true, if someone is any good people are looking for new stuff, it’s just the sheer range of bands means often half the audience have never heard a band so play your best/popular stuff.

  2. If you only have one hit play it twice.

  3. When you play your best songs don’t throw them away. For example in 2003-4 Electric 6 (Detroit funky punky semi comic band) where riding hi in the UK’s affections (no 5 in the Charts). They attracted a large crowd at the other stage waiting to hear their 2 Hits “Fire at the Disco” and “Gay Bar”. So what do they do, they play them quickly in speed reaggae style, result crowd pissed off and Electric 6 aren’t heard of ever again.

  4. If there’s been rain and it’s muddy, don’t expect to wear a Johnny Borrel (Razorlight) all white number without a barrage of mud coming your way.

  5. The odd cover can go down well.

  6. Only invite your show biz mates on stage to join you in singalong if they any good.

  7. On the pyramid stage if you climb down to meet the fans be prepared to look like a muppet as you struggle to climb all the way back up.

  8. Cheer up! shoegazing introspection is fine in some sticky floored Camden pub, this is a festival, the odd word of thanks, a joke, or acknowledgement to the crowd will go along way.

  9. Don’t slag Glastonbury off, acts such as the Fall, Bunnymen and Manics have lashed out at the Festival in the past and then had to come cap in hand begging to be allowed play a few years later.

    If you are camping see my handy "what to take to Glastonbury downloadable checklist" at the top of the page.

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